Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Okay, friends, you've got to see this photo because this is for real--to get to my office (about 60 feet behind me) today I truly did have to wear snowshoes. My cane was of no use because I could not reach the ground under the snow. It is now 11:38 pm, the moon is out but the wind is still howling which means the drifts are still growing. If you look at the middle right side of the photo you can see the top of the fence that surrounds our garden.

I've had an idea. How about we start a letter writing effort to send emails and letters to the network suits demanding that they create a weekly "for real" news program with real people doing real stories and not just puff junk about who won the latest bass classic but stuff that is important to the outdoors. Any takers? glg


tom said...


Lance Johnsen said...

I'll second (or third) that about having a new reality tv series. Snowshoes to your morning office commute! I had read of blizzard conditions earlier in the week that affected North Dakota, and your photo captures the carnage.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Are you thinking something like a video version of The Outdoor Wire? (Do you get it each day?)

I should talk, though -- I haven't seen any outdoor TV since I was at your house, not having cable or satellite TV.

And after the digital switch, we may not even have broadcast TV here on Hardscrabble Creek.