Monday, September 21, 2009

I'mmmm Baaack

I’m back! Well, sort of. Every day of the past few weeks I’ve worked on my office remodeling project and to be honest I’m sick of it and not quite finished. I’ve still got to put on new shingles and then do a few other odds and ends to wrap up the project. I’m also hip deep in the process of moving back in. I truly had no idea I have so much “stuff” to put away. I thought I’d be able to move the last of my books from the metal storage shed where several hundred of them have resided for the past year. No chance of moving them. When all is said and done I’ve picked up only a few additional feet of book shelf space. Still, everything is much better than it was and I am looking forward to working in my “new” office. There's another reason to hurry up and get settled--hunting season!

That said and out of the way a good note is that on opening morning of grouse season I was able to prove to my friend Chas ( that we really do have sharptail grouse in these parts. We did not get very many birds (poor shooting) but we did have a great hunt and the best part was the opportunity to visit with my oldest (30 years) friend.

Now that I am back in my office one of my first tasks will be to complete an article for African Expedition Magazine (http:/ Too many moons ago I started working on an article about the famed outdoor (African) outdoor writer Peter H. Capstick. Peter was a friend of mine and he was also the subject of my Master’s Thesis, but I don’t have rose colored lenses in my glasses—I know Peter wasn’t perfect and that he did embellish his stories. Why not and who cares? Through their mind’s eye his readers were able to live the African experience. His writing infused outdoor literature with a new excitement after decades of the genre’s downward spiral. If you have not read any of Peter’s books (or, even if you have) now is a good time to order one or two so you have it on hand for the coming long nights of winter.

On a closing note about my absence of several weeks—I didn’t really miss my computer. In fact I kind of enjoyed not being tied to it but now that I am back and online I’ll have to become responsible and try to answer my email. Actually, I’d rather write a letter with a fountain pen. Glg


NorCal Cazadora said...

Good to see you again! I'd been wondering what had become of you.

My computer will not let me do house projects, which the contractors are always happy to hear - more business for them.

Blessed said...

Glad you are back! As far as the books go - I need a dedicated library room, like the old houses used to have :)

Galen Geer said...

Blessed, You should see my house. We've been working on it for the past seven years and I've built book shelves throughout the stairs and hall. Of course you've got to understand this house is well over 100 years old. Shoot, the garage was a carriage house (still has the carriage house door) and the shop, which is now my office, was built around 1920 and I "think" it was for chickens. :)

Galen Geer said...

Hey NorCal, while Chas and I were driving through the lake region (Devil's Lake) we were talking about you and that you should take a long weekend next year to come out and hunt ducks. Time it right and we can do the whole bird thing. But once you experience ND duck hunting you might want to give up living in California! I know some people who live in ND just for the duck hunting. glg

NorCal Cazadora said...

Welllll, I wouldn't go too crazy there. Hunting ducks in the Sacramento Valley is my idea of heaven - a big, broad valley where you can watch the clouds roll across the sky, but two distinct mountain ranges hemming it in.

That said, I'd LOVE to go duck hunting there, and be careful what you offer - you might just have company!