Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This morning Cookie and I were blown off the slough--that's bad. The wind is blowing in one of those autumn North Dakota storms that is a a harbinger of what is to come. I am just hoping that winter's cold breath can stay away for at least another month, shoot maybe even six weeks. I want to enjoy some time afield with Cookie before the snow flies. Of course I have to admit that I enjoy hunting upland birds in a small amount of snow, as in six inches or less. My real problem is that I am going to miss an entire week of hunting, starting on Tuesday, October 6, because I am headed for Florida to attend the SEOPA conference. I'll be giving a presentation on the philosophy of outdoor writing in the 21st. century. I'm truly curious to see how many of the attendees attend my presentation. I hope I am surprised.

You won't believe this but my office is finished! Well, sort of. I still need to extend the roofline for a porch (of sorts) and put on the shingles but I am all moved in, the whiteboard door is finished, hung and now curing. The pull down screen is hung, rod racks, security cable for the gun rack, etc., everything is done. I'm really pleased and what is truly nice is to sit at a desk and have enough room to work. I'm sure that I'll work at it and it will soon be covered in clutter.

I hope everyone is having a great season. As soon as this storm clears out I'll take Cookie back to the sloughs and we'll toss a few decoys out then find a warm spot to hunker down. Cookie will wake me when some ducks come in--she always does. glg

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Chas S. Clifton said...

That was a windy week, all right. M. and I were bounced around in the pop-up trailer on Sept. 28 near Chadron, Neb., and later on in Custer State Park -- it was like sleeping in a martini shaker.

The day you were trying to hunt ducks we decided was a good day to be underground on a cave tour, because it was snowing and blowing up top.