Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too Deep to Write

Yeah, too deep to write. I'm working on the next issue of "The Pines Review" and until I can come out from under the pile of work it requires I am going to be very limited in my postings.
The cover feature for this issue is Dr. Randall Eaton. He is the author of "From Boys to Men of Heart" and "The Sacred Hunt" and the books open up a lot of interesting ideas. I've also read a pile of other work by him and interviewed him (actually, maintained an email correspondence with him for several months). I've also interviewed some people who have heard him speak, a couple of others who have known him for decades and everything is being fed into the hopper of a good personality feature. The Review should be going out by email on the 14th. or 15th. so if you are not on my email list for it and would like to read it let me know.
Now, I need to read another book to cross check some references. It never ends.

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